Try to make it in peace

Hi there

I’m not sure should i reply this PM or not. Because not sure what’ll happen with reply.
But let try one time reply to make everything clearly even it’s good or bad result.

At first. I expect we can leave all past away. Past is passed and no need to mention again.

Yes, in past we have another work flow that force us in racing.
In somehow and in my personal mindset it’s one good thing. Because it’s forced us to hard work and improve self knowledge as much as possible.
Not for #1, but for self improve.

But take it away, it’s pass and passed.

At this time, as far i know we have no counting on forum posts. So, it’s not meaning for any reason.
The only purpose here is : Solve for users ( not us ) in as fast as possible.
It’s not matter whom solve it.

If in any topics i have replied, but you found better solution or correct one before me ( or anyone else ). It’s all open and welcome to do reply, by this way users will have solution in fast as possible ( or have more information to get more knowledge ).

Everybody have good point and bad point.
In some topic i failed to understand users because lack of English or “end users mindset” like you. It would glad if you can reply to make issue clearly and easily to understand.
In some topic i have better experience in development because i have faced or worked on this. Than i hope you don’t mind if i can help users belong with you.

It’s not about race / contents or something like that. It’s all about team work.

That’s all. And i hope all peace for this.

Thank you,
Viet Vu

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