PHP 5.6.14 is available

  • Core:
    • Fixed bug #70370 (Bundled libtool.m4 doesn’t handle FreeBSD 10 when building extensions).
  • CLI server:
    • Fixed bug #68291 (404 on urls with ‘+’).
  • DOM:
    • Fixed bug #70001 (Assigning to DOMNode::textContent does additional entity encoding).
  • Mysqlnd:
    • Fixed bug #70456 (mysqlnd doesn’t activate TCP keep-alive when connecting to a server).
  • OpenSSL:
    • Fixed bug #55259 (openssl extension does not get the DH parameters from DH key resource).
    • Fixed bug #70395 (Missing ARG_INFO for openssl_seal()).
    • Fixed bug #60632 (openssl_seal fails with AES).
    • Fixed bug #68312 (Lookup for openssl.cnf causes a message box).
  • PDO:
    • Fixed bug #70389 (PDO constructor changes unrelated variables).
  • Phar:
    • Fixed bug #69720 (Null pointer dereference in phar_get_fp_offset()).
    • Fixed bug #70433 (Uninitialized pointer in phar_make_dirstream when zip entry filename is “/”).
  • Phpdbg:
    • Fix phpdbg_break_next() sometimes not breaking.
  • Standard:
    • Fixed bug #67131 (setcookie() conditional for empty values not met).
  • Streams:
    • Fixed bug #70361 (HTTP stream wrapper doesn’t close keep-alive connections).
  • Zip:
    • Fixed bug #70322 (ZipArchive::close() doesn’t indicate errors).

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