Mount Windows NTFS partition due to hibernation

    1. Boot into Windows and power down the system by shutting it down completely. You may then boot back into Ubuntu and the partition will mount in read-write mode automatically when you open it in Nautilus. Note that the “Shut Down” option may not be the one displayed in your start menu by default. You may need to click the button next to it to see further options.
    2. Manually mount the filesystem in read only mode.
      • Check to see if you have a mount point (folder for mounting your partition in) for your Windows partition in the folder /media using this command:ls /media
      • If you don’t see a folder for your Windows partition, you should create one with the following command:sudo mkdir /media/windows
      • Next, mount the partition in read-only mode onto this folder with this command:mount -t ntfs-3g -o ro /dev/sda3 /media/windowsNote that you should change /media/windows if your mountpoint is called something else.
      • Now you will be able to view/open files on your Windows partition using any program in Ubuntu. However you will not be able to write to the partition or modify any files as it is in read only mode.
    3. If you need to mount the partition in read-write mode and are not able to or willing to boot into Windows and shut it down completely there is a third option. However, it is not included here because it completely deletes hiberfil.sys and will cause you to lose all unsaved information in the hibernated Windows programs. The following is a quotation from man ntfs-3g about the option that would be used to do this.
sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdXY
              Unlike in case of  read-only  mount,  the  read-write  mount  is
              denied  if  the  NTFS  volume is hibernated. One needs either to
              resume Windows and shutdown it  properly,  or  use  this  option
              which  will  remove  the  Windows hibernation file. Please note,
              this means that the saved Windows  session  will  be  completely
              lost. Use this option under your own responsibility.


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