Choosing the right switches: Blue v. Black v. Red

Blue switchBlue switches are the only clicky or tactile switch offered out of the three. With a 55cN (centinewton) actuation force, the blues offer one of the highest actuation points for Gateron switches. This type of switch is beneficial for gamers who are worried about accidentally hitting any keys during their gameplay, but may not be the best switches to use for first person shooter games or any games that require fast clicking of keys (such as games where you might need to double-tap certain keys to perform an action). Blue switches are generally favored by those who do a lot of typing, so gamers who find themselves needing to type in their games may actually find the blue switches to their liking. When pressed down, the switches let out an audible click – although this sound can be off-putting to those who haven’t been introduced to the world of mechanical keyboards, a frequent gamer saying is, “Once you go clack, you never go back.” Who can resist the sound of blue switches?
black-switch_largeGateron Black switches, on the other hand, are linear, which means that they are quieter than blue switches and don’t really give the player any audible or tactile feedback when pressed. Black switches, like Gateron blues, require a high actuation point – 50cN. Because of the actuation force needed to type on a keyboard with black switches, a gamer who does a lot of typing during their gameplay may get tired after prolonged use. On the other hand, black switches are beneficial for players of games such as Starcraft, who might want to protect against accidental keystrokes for the sake of their game.
red_gateron_large.gifGateron Reds require the lowest actuation force of the three switches at 45 cN. These, similar to the Blacks, are also linear so that users will not receive an audible or tactile response when the keys are pressed. Reds are popular switches in gaming keyboards, particularly for gamers who are looking for a fast response. Those playing First Person Shooters, or who are frequently double-clicking or repetitively tapping their keys, these types of switch might be their best bet. Gamers who worry about accidental key presses must stay cognizant during their gameplay of the relative ease of depressing a red switch.


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