Fetch all images from JKF

Alright. Đi vô vấn đề luôn Forum này là 1 forum vô số ảnh 18+. Thú vị, rite ? Mà hình thì toàn HQ... Vấn đề là làm sao fetch hết về. Đừng có nói là download bằng tay nhá. Vãi ngu lắm ! Vậy sao. Inspect thử: Em nó bắt phải click button Read... Continue Reading →

There is no place for relationship in this life. We trust no one, even ourself. Peace is not exist. Human way not for you !

It's declared . Why can't I do anything ... What's right and wrong. Keep slient while someone blame on me ???


Hoshina Ai

XGalleryCli – Unreleased 2.1.1

Bugs fixed Update NCT with playlist download support Reduce log files https://github.com/jooservices/XGalleryCli/tree/develop

How to watch out-of-country movies on Netflix

For any reason. Netflix has different movies for each country. In this case, Vietnam doesn't have many movies. So ... How to watch another Use VPN to get more movie Download it on phone via VPN Disconnect with VPN Then watch it on phone 😀 You can't stream it into any Cast device. lolz

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