XGalleryCli 3.0

Still under development ... But allready to use Completely remove Joomla! librariesRefactor withSymfony 4.2Console: No custom shell_execCache: Replaced for StashProcess: Replaced for shell_execDoctrine for databaseGuzzleHttp: Replaced for 3rd manual OAuth & downloadingReady to use with Commandsflickr:authorize : Get access token & secretflickr:contact : Get all contactsflickr:photos : Get all photos of a contact. Custom NSID... Continue Reading →

Required parameters return [
 'oauth_consumer_key' => $this->getCredential('oauth_consumer_key'),
 'oauth_nonce' => $this->getNonce(),
 'oauth_signature_method' => self::SIGNATURE_METHOD,
 'oauth_timestamp' => time(),
 'oauth_version' => self::VERSION,
 ]; If you have oauth_callback it would be included $parameters = array_merge(['oauth_callback' => $callback], $this->getOauthParameters()); Then now you are ready ParametersString is combined by encode key & value with "=" at middle. Base string is combined... Continue Reading →

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