XGalleryCli 3.0

Still under development … But allready to use

  • Completely remove Joomla! libraries
  • Refactor with
    • Symfony 4.2
      • Console: No custom shell_exec
      • Cache: Replaced for Stash
      • Process: Replaced for shell_exec
    • Doctrine for database
    • GuzzleHttp: Replaced for 3rd manual OAuth & downloading
  • Ready to use with Commands
    • flickr:authorize : Get access token & secret
    • flickr:contact : Get all contacts
    • flickr:photos : Get all photos of a contact. Custom NSID is supported
    • flickr:photossize : Get sized of photos. Custom NSID is supported
    • flickr:photodownload : Download a photo. Custom photo_id is supported
    • flickr:photosdownload : Mass download all photos


  • Cron for contact execute around once per day.
  • Cron for photos: Execute around once per hour ( or half ).
  • Cron photossize : Execute around once per hour ( or half )
  • Cron photosdownload : Per hour


  • Distpatcher
  • ORM


  • Dispatcher is implemented. We can hook events for image filter / process, etc …
  • Improve logs

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