XGalleryCli 3.1.0

Major release with improvement & new features


  • Better and solid structure
    • Prepare now wrapped by the parent class. Use method prepareName method will be applied as prepare steps
    • Process now wrapped by the parent class. Use method processName method will be applied as process steps
    • Prepare and Process will be called automatic with better render out
  • Fix Symfony Process call right cli.php via cron
  • Support more parameters
    • Use NSID by ID or URL
    • Support photo_ids to work on specific photo_ids
    • Support album to work with a specific album
    • Support all to work on all specific items
  • Better logging system & progressBar
  • Support new Process with extra timeout
  • Fix file / directory permission
  • Image resizer added
  • Remove un-needed MySQL transaction
    • Still under working in progress. Known issue.

Known issues

flickr:photos now can fetch photos from specific album WITHOUT nsid existed

  • By use nsid & album we have known issue: NSID ( aka contact ) still not update back to contacts table. Same as photo_ids

flickr:photossizeflickr:photosdownload have same issue as above

By use photo_ids we are assume you’r forcing to work with these IDs. So no database pre-check.

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