PHP Standards

0Autoloading StandardMatthew Weier O’PhinneyDeprecated
1Basic Coding StandardPaul M. JonesAccepted
2Coding Style GuidePaul M. JonesDeprecated
3Logger InterfaceJordi BoggianoAccepted
4Autoloading StandardPaul M. JonesAccepted
5PHPDoc StandardChuck BurgessDraft
6Caching InterfaceLarry GarfieldAccepted
7HTTP Message InterfaceMatthew Weier O’PhinneyAccepted
8Huggable InterfaceLarry GarfieldAbandoned
9Security AdvisoriesMichael HessAbandoned
10Security Reporting ProcessMichael HessAbandoned
11Container InterfaceMatthieu Napoli, David NégrierAccepted
12Extended Coding Style GuideKorvin SzantoAccepted
13Hypermedia LinksLarry GarfieldAccepted
14Event DispatcherLarry GarfieldAccepted
15HTTP HandlersWoody GilkAccepted
16Simple CachePaul DragoonisAccepted
17HTTP FactoriesWoody GilkAccepted
18HTTP ClientTobias NyholmAccepted
19PHPDoc tagsChuck BurgessDraft

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