Ubuntu – AutoInstall

https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall Create user-data #cloud-config autoinstall: version: 1 identity: hostname: ubuntu password: "encrypted_password" realname: SoulEvil username: soulevil ssh: allow-pw: false install-server: true authorized-keys: - <public_key> late-commands: - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt update - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt upgrade -y - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt -y install git zip unzip curl Generate seed.iso cloud-localds... Continue Reading →

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Setup HAProxy – SSL Passthrough

SSL Passthrough có thể hiểu đơn giản là Proxy sẽ đơn giản là forward tiếp request đến target mà không tiến hành bất kì việc encrypt / decrypt nào hết. The job of the load balancer then is simply to proxy a request off to its configured backend servers. Because the connection remains encrypted, HAProxy... Continue Reading →

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How to install php extension using pecl for specific php version, when several php versions installed in system

$ pecl -d php_suffix=5.6 install <package> $ pecl uninstall -r <package> $ pecl -d php_suffix=7.0 install <package> $ pecl uninstall -r <package> $ pecl -d php_suffix=7.1 install <package> $ pecl uninstall -r <package> The -d php_suffix=<version> piece allows you to set config values at run time vs pre-setting them with pecl config-set. The uninstall -r bit does not actually uninstall... Continue Reading →

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