Ubuntu – AutoInstall


Create user-data

  version: 1
    hostname: ubuntu
    password: "encrypted_password"
    realname: SoulEvil
    username: soulevil
    allow-pw: false
    install-server: true
    - <public_key>
  - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt update
  - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt upgrade -y
  - curtin in-target --target=/target -- apt -y install git zip unzip curl

Generate seed.iso

cloud-localds ./seed.iso user-data
  • Load Ubuntu image for IDE Primary Master
  • Add IDE Primary Slave and load seed.iso for Virtualbox

The virtual machine will boot and validate the Autoinstallation configuration. Soon a prompt stating:

Continue with autoinstall? (yes|no)

will appear. Type yes and hit enter.

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