Domain status

The status of a domain name can be seen in its whois information. To check the whois details of a domain name, you can use an online whois check tool such as In this article we will explain what the most common domain status codes mean addPeriod : This grace period is provided after […]

XGalleryCli v2.2.0 Scrutinizer implemented NCT support Code optimized & small bugs fixed Basic document provided php xgallery.php : Execute everything php xgallery.php –application=Flickr.Contacts php xgallery.php –application=Flickr.Photos –url=userUrl php xgallery.php –application=Flickr.Photos –nsid=nsid php xgallery.php –application=Flickr.Download –pid=pid php xgallery.php –application=Flickr.Cli –method=Url.lookupUser –url=userUrl php xgallery.php –application=Nct.Search –title=”Title” –singer=”Singer” –type=”Type”

Memcached vs Redis: Direct Comparison

Both tools are powerful, fast, in-memory data stores that are useful as a cache. Both can help speed up your application by caching database results, HTML fragments, or anything else that might be expensive to generate. Points to Consider When used for the same thing, here is how they compare using the original question’s “Points […]

Choosing the right switches: Blue v. Black v. Red

Blue switches are the only clicky or tactile switch offered out of the three. With a 55cN (centinewton) actuation force, the blues offer one of the highest actuation points for Gateron switches. This type of switch is beneficial for gamers who are worried about accidentally hitting any keys during their gameplay, but may not be the […]