How to use Codeception & Webdriver

Bỏ codeception lâu quá gần như quên sạch. Nên thôi giờ có dịp work on it again nên write down lại để nhớ. Composer để install codeception composer require codeception/codeception --dev From now on Codeception (with installed PHPUnit) can be run as php vendor/bin/codecept Init php vendor/bin/codecept bootstrap Edit acceptant file #... Continue Reading →

[Security][Trust no one]

Well ... nói rõ trước rằng: Bài viết này không quá nặng vào các kĩ thuật thật sự của ngành security, chỉ thuần túy là các logic cơ bản mà bất kì ai cũng có thể nghĩ & làm được. Tạm khoanh vùng trong việc secure account Facebook. Hack ??? Mọi người cứ nghĩ nó... Continue Reading →

Fetch all images from JKF

Alright. Đi vô vấn đề luôn Forum này là 1 forum vô số ảnh 18+. Thú vị, rite ? Mà hình thì toàn HQ... Vấn đề là làm sao fetch hết về. Đừng có nói là download bằng tay nhá. Vãi ngu lắm ! Vậy sao. Inspect thử: Em nó bắt phải click button Read... Continue Reading →

How to watch out-of-country movies on Netflix

For any reason. Netflix has different movies for each country. In this case, Vietnam doesn't have many movies. So ... How to watch another Use VPN to get more movie Download it on phone via VPN Disconnect with VPN Then watch it on phone 😀 You can't stream it into any Cast device. lolz

Domain status

The status of a domain name can be seen in its whois information. To check the whois details of a domain name, you can use an online whois check tool such as In this article we will explain what the most common domain status codes mean addPeriod : This grace period is provided after... Continue Reading →

Memcached vs Redis: Direct Comparison

Both tools are powerful, fast, in-memory data stores that are useful as a cache. Both can help speed up your application by caching database results, HTML fragments, or anything else that might be expensive to generate. Points to Consider When used for the same thing, here is how they compare using the original question's "Points... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right switches: Blue v. Black v. Red

Blue switches are the only clicky or tactile switch offered out of the three. With a 55cN (centinewton) actuation force, the blues offer one of the highest actuation points for Gateron switches. This type of switch is beneficial for gamers who are worried about accidentally hitting any keys during their gameplay, but may not be the... Continue Reading →

MySQL import / export via command line

mysqldump -u YourUser -p YourDatabaseName > wantedsqlfile.sql mysql -u username -p database_name < file.sql

Windows 10 – How to delete recent wallpapers

Use Registry Editor and open Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Wallpapers Delete BackgroundHistoryPathx x from 0 - 4

Mount Windows NTFS partition due to hibernation

Boot into Windows and power down the system by shutting it down completely. You may then boot back into Ubuntu and the partition will mount in read-write mode automatically when you open it in Nautilus. Note that the "Shut Down" option may not be the one displayed in your start menu by default. You may need... Continue Reading →

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