XGallery vs Google Drive

Flickr . ! Feature này được develop để đưa photos download từ Flickr qua XGallery lên thẳng Google Drive luôn. Như vậy giảm tải cho local storage, dễ dàng sharing hơn. Tất nhiên cái giá phải trả là trả cho Google Drive. Vậy feature này work sao Dĩ nhiên đầu tiên là download photos (... Continue Reading →

XGalleryCli – Unreleased 2.1.1

Bugs fixed Update NCT with playlist download support Reduce log files https://github.com/jooservices/XGalleryCli/tree/develop


Stable release 1.0.0 ( aka 2.0.0 ) Can use as a completely standard alone application ( No Joomla! install required ). Can use as well on both Windows & Linux environments. Follow up PSR-4 under /src Optimized Reduce queries for insertContacts / insertPhotos Use cache for all OAuth requests Prevent step on foot with multi... Continue Reading →

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