Laravel – PHPStorm & Docker

Docker-compose version: "3.9" # optional since v1.27.0 services: mariadb: image: mariadb environment: MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD: root MARIADB_DATABASE: laravel volumes: - ./.docker/mariadb/data:/var/lib/mysql restart: unless-stopped redis: image: redis volumes: - ./.docker/redis/data:/data restart: unless-stopped mongodb: image: mongo volumes: - ./.docker/mongodb/data:/data/db - ./.docker/mongodb/configdb:/data/configdb restart: unless-stopped php: build: context: . dockerfile: ./.docker/php/Dockerfile #image: php:8.1 tty: true volumes: - ./:/var/www/html restart: unless-stopped nginx:... Continue Reading →

Laravel Sail – Setup

Install Sail by use your existing local development environment allows you to install Composer dependencies. Install Sail : require laravel/sail --devphp artisan sail:install./vendor/bin/sail up (-d : To start all of the Docker containers in the background )sail stop Setup PHPStorm - PHPUnit with docker

XGallery on Docker Hub Enjoy !

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