Lolita cutie 'Yuka Osawa' stars in KIREI label's popular series "Slut Project"!! She loves to attack men so we try to find out her taste. We find that her sex tendency is M. She starts masturbation in front of an actor who asks her to suck his dick. In this movie, she becomes a real bitch. 40 minutes special feature movie is also included!

To become a newscaster on a news program, she must keep studying for the exam. She has to be on a weather forecast program with a vibrator in her pussy and so on… Uchida Kyoka does a pretty good job on this video!!

Yuka Uehara has large breasts and a cute face. In this video, she plays a school teacher who gets fucked by her students.

This time the feature is a school. Miki belongs to the gymnastics club. Wearing leotards and opening her legs 180 degrees makes the boys horny. She enjoys the boys eyes on her and keeps emitting her sexy pheromones!! Let's exercise!!



Sometimes Miki has something to worry about. She needs somebody to hold her so tight. So she becomes a nurse!! I can't believe that a nurse costume suits her so well. Anyway, you can see her new aspects in this work. Enjoy the new version of Miki!!

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