XGallery 4.0

Once again XGallery được refactor để improve và implement rất nhiều thứ mới. Mục đích chính là tăng performance cho việc read / write trong khi các tables này rất ít ( gần như không ) các yếu tố tham chiếu chéo, nên việc sử dụng SQL không thật sự cần thiết.Chuyển sang dùng MongoDB... Continue Reading →

What is the difference between a bundle, component and a service in Symfony framework?

Components: standalone official libraries that can be used ether separately from Symfony framework or as a part of so called "Symfony-framework-skeleton". They are independent from other libraries. Bundles: libraries that are additional to "core Symfony". They are dependent from Symfony components. Services: libraries written by usual users for local projects that can be reused in... Continue Reading →

XGallery update 09.06.2019

Yo ! Bản update này included nhiều thứ ( somehow mình chưa cho official release vì chưa test hết bugs do refactor Crawler ) Update html.twig structureSupport metadataImprove javascript blockUpdate navbarUpdate OnejavAjax cho download & favorite tránh mở thêm tab không cần thiếtRemove các items đã downloadedAjax render trang để load nhanh hơnUpdate PornhubAjax cho... Continue Reading →

XGallery v4

Keep refactoring v4 with Completely cover by Symfony and right structure of itImplement UI for usage. CLI still use for fetchingImplement better code optimizing OpcacheMemcached or RedisDatabase optimizing

XGalleryCli 3.1.0

Major release with improvement & new features https://github.com/jooservices/XGalleryCli/releases/tag/3.1.0 Better and solid structurePrepare now wrapped by the parent class. Use method prepareName method will be applied as prepare stepsProcess now wrapped by the parent class. Use method processName method will be applied as process stepsPrepare and Process will be called automatic with better render outFix Symfony... Continue Reading →


XGalleryCli 3.0

Still under development ... But allready to use Completely remove Joomla! librariesRefactor withSymfony 4.2Console: No custom shell_execCache: Replaced for StashProcess: Replaced for shell_execDoctrine for databaseGuzzleHttp: Replaced for 3rd manual OAuth & downloadingReady to use with Commandsflickr:authorize : Get access token & secretflickr:contact : Get all contactsflickr:photos : Get all photos of a contact. Custom NSID... Continue Reading →

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